Featured News: 6 Foods That Seem Vegetarian, But Are Not!

This may come as a surprise to many, it certainly did to me! Most common foods considered to be vegetarian actually contain remnants of non-veg food. Vegetarians still have to deal with shades of gray when it comes to buying, what they think is, vegetarian food. This article lists the most common foods considered to be vegetarian, but surprisingly are not!

The FDA does not require food companies to clearly indicate all ingredient sources on the label. This has presented concerns for vegetarians and vegans who have to deal with ingredients like “natural flavors”, which could be derived from either animal or plant sources.1  Read more…

FoodShare – A World-Class Food Outreach Program

FoodShare was formed in 1985 as a non-profit organization and has a mission to provide food security.  Make no mistake, FoodShare believes every citizen has a right to food. But FoodShare also believes that consumers, especially children, need to know more about how to make the best food choices.

The boxes, filled with fresh vegetables, are a non-profit produce distribution system, not unlike a buying club. People place box orders with a neighbourhood volunteer co-ordinator and receive a box weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

While the value is excellent, the food boxes are not subsidized by food donations. “They (farmers) are not donating to us. We’re paying full price,” says Field, explaining that FoodShare purchases directly from local farms and from the Ontario Food Terminal.

“Look at that value for $18,” says Field as she points towards a completed box, “because $18 is exactly what a consumer pays for that box”.2  Read more…

New Jersey Senator, Cory Booker, Goes Vegan

Cory Booker, US Senator of New Jersey recently tweeted that he is joining the other 16 million Americans that eat a vegetarian or vegan diet.

The senator is making the decision to go plant-based not only for his health, but also in hopes of inspiring others to embrace a cruelty-free diet as well.3  Read more…

Full Raw Kristina’s Eyes Changed Color!

Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram, otherwise known as Fully Raw Kristina, states that eating a raw food diet turned her eyes from brown to blue.

“I sought out an iridologist, and she was pretty surprised, she had never seen anyone who has been raw as long as I have and said that I was clearing out all the gunk from my colon”.4  Read more…



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