Featured News: 6 Vegetables Needed for Optimum Health

Leafy Greens are packed with vitamins and rich in essential minerals, as well as antioxidants which protect cells against damage. They are also known to contain phytochemicals, natural compounds that can help prevent hardening of the arteries and lower inflammation linked to heart disease. This synergistic combination of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals helps detox cells and expel free radicals that damage DNA, both of which may inhibit cancer cells from forming and multiplying.

Greens are also your single best source of natural nitrates, that get converted by the body into nitric oxide, which lowers blood pressure and promotes blood flow. Check out these six super veggies that are beneficial to your health.1  Read more…

Soy may Affect Breast Cancer Genes

In a new study 140 women diagnosed with invasive breast cancer took part. Half of the women took soy protein powder and the other half took a placebo for between seven and 30 days before they had surgery to remove their cancer. The researchers compared tumor tissues from before and after surgery, and found changes in the expression of certain genes that promote cell growth among women in the soy group and that could potentially accelerate breast cancer progression.2  Read more…

Growing Winter Vegetables

There are many perks to growing your own food. You save a lot of money, avoid pesticides and herbicides, your intake of nutrition is higher and you get lots of fresh air and great exercise.

By October, light levels are getting pretty low, and that does affect the rate and speed of germination, but that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to grow outdoors. There are a few things that are actually best started at this time. Here are a few ideas of things that can still be grown throughout the winter months.3  Read more…

Building Natural Immunity

There has been a lot of coverage about all kinds of strange viruses in the headlines recently, and with the impending onset of cold and flu season, we take a look at what we can do to build our immune system naturally.

Many conventional treatments look to attack the virus once it has taken hold, but if we focus on building a strong, healthy immune system, the risks of contracting a virus to begin with is reduced.4  Read more…



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