Featured News: Best Anti-Cancer Diet is Vegan

According to the American Institute for Cancer Research, a cancer study was carried out on 164,416 women. It exposed growing evidence of the links between factors such as body mass index, physical activity, and diet on the chances of a second occurrence in breast cancer.1

The findings show that consuming a diet of fruits and vegetables, along with maintaining a healthy weight and getting plenty of regular exercise is the optimal line of defense against a future diagnosis of breast cancer.

Dr. Jane Plant, a British scientist and a breast cancer survivor, sums it up quite well, “Undoubtedly, the best anti-cancer diet would be to go completely vegan.”2,3 .  Read more…

Sunlight is Key to Obesity and Diabetes Prevention

I know if you live in the northern hemisphere, like me, sunny days are a little more difficult to come by at this time of year!  However, scientists from Edinburgh and Southampton in the UK led by colleagues at the Telethon Kids Institute in Perth, Western Australia, found that a natural gas called nitric oxide, which is released by the skin after exposure to sunlight, helps people to control their metabolism and slow weight gain.

This discovery could also lead to a treatment that halts the progress of Type 2 diabetes, which is fuelled by obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle.

The scientists found that applying nitric oxide to the skin of overfed mice had the same effect of curbing weight gain as exposing them to ultraviolet light and that

rubbing a cream containing nitric oxide on to the skin can have the same effect.4  Read more…

Improve Physical Activity Levels with Vitamin C

Many of us know Vitamin C for its important role in maintaining strong and proper immune function. It is also required for the proper development and function of many parts of the body. But did you know that it may be beneficial for helping to improve physical activity levels?

In a recent study, researchers found that  men who supplemented with the vitamin increased their physical activity levels by almost 40%, and it may also help those that suffer from exercise-induced asthma.5  Read more…

Vegetarianism Increases in France

Apparently, in France, being a vegetarian is no easy task. A lot of vegetarians have long been scorned, and even abused, by those who favour a meat laden cuisine! But with many becoming more health conscious, the numbers of those turning to vegetarianism are now growing so fast that France’s foremost chefs have started catering for non-meat eaters.

The king of haute cuisine, Alain Ducasse, has astounded gourmets in the land by taking meat off the menu at his flagship restaurant at the Plaza Athénée in Paris.

Thankfully vegetarian food is gaining acceptance in France as health and environmental concerns turn the French away from red meat. Meat consumption in France fell by 15 per cent between 2003 and 2010.6  Read more…



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