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ounded in Utah in 1975, Blendtec is a company that primarily produces both professional and home blenders. Their products are designed, manufactured, and assembled in America, and are sold worldwide [].


With a wide selection of blenders available in stores and online, it can be hard to choose which one would best suit your needs. The Blendtec WildSide HP3A Home Blender is easy to use and clean, and you will probably find it to be one of your most valued kitchen appliances (I use mine several times a day!).

The blender jug is BPA free, comes with a sturdy base, and is an attractive appliance that will easily fit on your kitchen counter, under the wall cabinets. While the jug is light at slightly over 1 pound, the base weighs in at a sturdy 9 pounds. That may sound heavy, but because of its weight, it doesn’t “travel” across the countertop while you are blending something.

The Blendtec WildSide HP3A Home Blender is easy to clean, as there are only three separate parts; the blender jug, and two parts to the lid. The blade is attached to the blender jug, and it is easy to clean around as it is not sharp (it is the high speed of the blade that blends things, and also the fact that that it features a 3 peak horsepower motor).

There are handy measures on the side of the jug, both in cups and oz, which aids in time saving. To get the blender to do its job, I would recommend that you have it at least 1 cup full, otherwise it just pushes whatever you have in it around the bottom of the jug. However, because it is a larger blender I can’t imagine anyone wanting to use it to process anything less than 1 cup.

This is a powerful blender, and it can get pretty loud depending on what setting you have it on. Every time I use it while someone else is in the kitchen, I shout “LOUD NOISE!” as a precaution. They usually get the message, and cover their ears while I blend whatever it is I happen to be making at the time. Alternatively, Blendtec do sell a blender that comes with an external cover to reduce noise.

In addition to being able to pulse things in this blender, there are 25 pre-programmed settings that appear on an LED screen in the blender base. They certainly take the guess work out of how long you should blend something for, and at what speed. I use the presets to make iced cappuccinos (with matcha of course!), hot chocolate, dips and sauces, flours, and much, much more.

Though the Blendtec Wildside HP3A Home Blender is more costly than others at your local store, as it sells for around $400-$450, it’s pre-programmed settings, durability, and overall ease-of-use make it a worthy appliance to consider adding to your kitchen.

Blendtec blenders are made to last and have one of the longest warranties in the business. So you can rest assured that it will give you blending pleasure for years to come.

Visit to purchase the Blendtec WildSide HP3A Home Blender.

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