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Canada based company, Earth Lab Cosmetics produce and sell cosmetic and skin care products, including mineral foundation, mineral blush, lipgloss, raw mascara. While not all of their products are vegan, they offer plenty of products that are.


Many brands of makeup contain toxins, nanoparticles, talc, parabens, and are tested on animals. Needless to say, even in this day and age where there are countless brands of makeup, it is still somewhat difficult to find a quality mineral foundation that is natural, does not contain any toxic chemicals, and is cruelty free.

Earth Lab Cosmetics Mineral Foundation is a natural and “healthy” alternative to all of the toxin laden drug store and higher end cosmetics out there. This foundation has the most minimalistic ingredient list I have ever come across as far as mineral makeup goes, with only three ingredients listed – titanium dioxide, iron oxides, and ultra marine blue. 

And what’s more, this mineral foundation, unlike many brands I have used in the past, offers good coverage. There are many different shades available, and if one shade does not suit your skin tone it is easy to mix two different shades (I mix M1 with a little M2).

I have been using Earth Lab Cosmetics Mineral Foundation and mineral blush for a few years now, and though my skin is somewhat acne prone, I have noted that this makeup has never caused a breakout. 

“Earthlab Loose Minerals are suitable for all skin types and in independent studies has proven to improve certain types of skin conditions including acne, scars and rosacea.” –

This mineral foundation comes in a small plastic pot that has a sifter, making it easy to just tap some onto the lid and then apply with a makeup brush. Because of its petite size, it is travel friendly and could easily fit in a purse or even a pocket.

Earth Lab Cosmetics state on their website that their products are 100% natural and are talc-free, fragrance-free, dye-free, and cruelty-free []. In addition, they don’t contain any additives, fillers or preservatives (i.e. parabens or toxic chemicals), and there are no nanoparticles present in their mineral bases. 


Earth Lab Cosmetics produces a natural mineral foundation that a range of colors suitable for many skin tones and types, offers good coverage, and is ultimately not harsh on your skin.

Earth Lab Cosmetics Mineral Foundation costs around $25 per 3g container, and can be purchased in a number of retail locations across Canada, in select stores in the US, as well as online.

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