Featured News: Lose More Weight on a Vegan Diet

Susan Reese participated in a study from the University of South Carolina to see which kind of diet was best for losing weight. She ended up losing 30 pounds.

The study showed a strict vegan diet is more effective for losing weight than a vegetarian diet or those that include fish or red meat.

Everybody in the study conducted by the Arnold School of Public Health had access to the support groups, the diet education and the healthy recipes. But at the end of six months, the participants on the vegan diet lost more weight than the other groups by an average of 4.3 percent, or 16.5 pounds.1  Read more…

Health Benefits of Kale

Technically kale is related to wild cabbage more closely than the common cabbage. It has been consumed by many cultures, especially the Europeans since the early part of the Middle Ages.  The Greeks and Romans consumed it as a salad green in much the same way it is consumed today.

Kale has many valuable therapeutic properties that can benefit one’s health. Aside from being a nutritional powerhouse, packed with beneficial vitamins A, K, C, and other trace vitamins, it is an excellent source of vegetable derived calcium. In addition, kale possesses several other active beneficial compounds and phytonutrients that are being demonstrated, by recent scientific research, to protect the body from certain types of diseases.

Among these compounds is sulforaphane, a noted anti-cancer compound, and a compound called ofindole-3-carbinol, a chemical that helps to prevent cell-damage and facilitate in the rejuvenation and repair of DNA.2  Read more…

Challenges of a Vegan Soldier.

Soldiers are finding it challenging to be vegetarian or vegan. In fact one soldier, Alexander Contreras, shared his experience about the challenges of being vegan in the military. Due to high physical demands, he found himself starving, and on one occasion slipped up on a non-vegan pizza. He noticed his health slipping, probably because of the lack of nutrition. However, he still held to his own beliefs.

For the general public, awareness is spreading. Yet there is still a lot of work to do to provide suitable healthy options. As Contreras says, “My stance on this is that I want the U.S. military, in general, to consider veganism a special way of living until they have vegan options available throughout the entire organization.”3 Read more…

Climate Change Blamed for Decrease in Males Being Born

A new Japanese study suggests that male fetuses may be more vulnerable to the effects of climate change than female fetuses.  According to the study, the ratio of males to females born in Japan has been steadily decreasing since the 1970s, and extreme weather variations could be to blame.4  Read more…



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