Featured News: People Live Longer on a Vegetarian Diet

It’s been confirmed in a 6 year study that the key for longer life is to eat a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and low amounts of animal products. (1)Researchers at Loma Linda University explored the relationship between diet and mortality rates among men and women in both Canada and the United States.

Almost 50% of the subjects were meat eaters, 8% of the group were vegan, 29% of the group were lacto-ovo vegetarians, 10% of the group were pesco-vegetarians and 5% classified themselves as semi-vegetarian.

Over the six years, approximately 2,570 deaths occurred amongst the the study group of over 73,000 people. Those who ate some form of a vegetarian or vegan diet were 12% less likely to die. Death rates for all subgroups who ate less animal products and who regularly ate a version of a vegetarian diet, had a 12% reduced risk of dying earlier than those eating more animal products.1  Read more…

Miracle of Raw Food Diets.

Here is another inspiring story of how one teenage girl took responsibility for her own health, after being diagnosed with brain cancer. Megan Sherow changed her diet from the high-protein American diet, to a raw food diet comprised of mostly fruits and vegetables.

Her results after declining the option of chemotherapy, and trying this alternative way of addressing her cancer, is something she says is “simply amazing”. After a year and a half of eating raw foods, she’s not only in remission, but she has extreme amounts of energy that she never had before.2  Read more

World’s Largest Vegan Festival

Israel has recently hosted what organizers say was the largest vegan festival in the world. Vegan Fest 2014 was expected to attract 15,000 people and featured workshops, lectures, panels, concerts and meat-free and dairy-free foods.

Israel’s awareness of veganism has skyrocketed recently, partly due to the efforts of activist Tal Gilboa, who in August won Israel’s version of the reality show Big Brother.3  Read more…

World’s First Vegetarian City

The mountainous town of Palitana, in the state of Gujarat in India, is home to one of Jain’s holiest sites. Here many residents don’t want any kind of killing happening taking place. Recently, on 14th August 2014, the Gujarat government declared Palitana a “meat-free zone”. They instituted a complete ban on the sale of meat and eggs and have also outlawed the slaughter of animals within the town’s limits.4  Read more…



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