Featured News: Reduce Blood Pressure with Probiotics

A recent study found that probiotics may reduce blood pressure, anxiety, eczema and other maladies.

Researchers looked at nine previous studies on the connection between probiotics and blood pressure. They found that people who’d been on probiotics for at least eight weeks had small reductions in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. The reductions were largest in those with the highest blood pressures.

Scientists speculate that probiotics have an overall beneficial effect on health, such as improving cholesterol, reducing blood glucose and insulin resistance, and helping regulate hormones that control blood pressure.1 Read more…

Roman Gladiators Ate a Vegetarian Diet

A study that looked at the diets of Roman Gladiators unearthed a few surprises. In the ancient Roman city of Ephesus, an analysis was carried out on bones from the remains of 53 men and women.  Twenty-two of the skeletons were known to have been gladiators because their remains were found in a gladiator cemetery.

The analysis indicated that the gladiators, and non-gladiators alike, mostly ate vegetables and grains. But the gladiators had an unusually high consumption of minerals, presumably from an ash-containing beverage which is known from previous research.2  Read more…

First 24hr Health Food Cafe in Australia      

Australia’s first 24-hour health food cafe “Liquefy” has just opened its doors in Brisbane. The owner, lawyer and health enthusiast David Dowd said, “response had been overwhelming with people travelling from as far away as the Gold Coast”.

The 24/7 cafe serves cold-pressed bottled juices, single origin coffee roasted at Burleigh Heads, raw food dishes and salads. Menu items include cauliflower and quinoa sushi, coconut ceviche salad, chia puddings, dried and activated nuts and chips, and raw tarts and slices.3  Read more…

Vitamin D May Improve Eczema

When eczema is prone to  flaring up in the winter it’s known as winter-related atopic dermatitis. Researchers have found that vitamin D significantly reduced the uncomfortable symptoms associated with this disorder.

Study leader Dr. Carlos Camargo, of Massachusetts General Hospital’s department of emergency medicine stated, “In this large group of patients, who probably had low levels of vitamin D, taking daily vitamin D supplements, which are inexpensive, safe and widely available, proved to be quite helpful.”4  Read more…



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