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wo Hills Tea is a Canadian based tea company that has been around since 1998. They sell a wide variety of organic, direct trade, non-GMO loose leaf teas [].


Iam something of a Matcha connoisseur. That’s what I tell myself everyday. But to be perfectly honest, I’m addicted to matcha. I just love the way it tastes, and that it has so many health benefits.

Matcha is full of antioxidants and dietary fiber. It can aid in weight loss, regulating blood sugar, and increase brain activity [].

Although it contains caffeine, it releases into the body slower than the caffeine found in coffee. This makes matcha’s energizing effect last longer, and you won’t “crash” shortly after drinking it.

I have sampled a number of different types of matcha since my addiction began. The quality and price of matcha varies greatly, but the best kind has a strong flavor, though at the same time it should be smooth. It always comes in a powdered form, and should have a vibrant green color.

Two Hills Tea Organic Matcha is wonderful. It has a nice green color and a lovely strong flavor, including the slight sweet aftertaste premium grade matcha usually has. Additionally, it is organic first harvest, which means that it is the highest quality you can get.

The matcha comes in a sealed packet inside of a tin, and both aid in maintaining the freshness of the product. My only complaint is that since the packet is not resealable, it is a little difficult to stop some of the matcha from ending up in the bottom of the tin.

I purchased the 100g box of Two Hills Tea Organic Matcha for $25 at a local drug store, so it is affordable and won’t break-the-bank like some other brands.

Two Hills Tea itself is something worthy of mentioning. They source their teas from certified organic co-op tea farms, and only sell the resulting organic, direct-trade, non-GMO, loose leaf teas []. In addition, all of their products are well priced.

I would recommend this product to both a matcha newbie or connoisseur. It is fairly priced, yet is of a higher quality than many of the more expensive brands.

If you want to give Two Hills Tea Organic Matcha a try, it may be available at your local health food store, or you could purchase it online from

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